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August: What have I been sewing?

I owe you two pictures from last month. One is the hoodie I made for my mom and handed over to her at the beginning of August when I went home for my brother's wedding. And for said wedding, the dress I wore. Here they are:

When the new rayon poplin fabrics arrived, I immediately fell in in love with the ditsy red floral fabric and wanted to make another Lois Dress. I made the same alteration as before and it is perfect. I thought of adding a little triangle to be a bit more wearable during the day but I can just wear a black vest top underneath to wear during the day and without it for a night out.

This snow leopard print fabric has been in my stash for about 2 years I reckon. I ordered it from my favourite fabric shop in Canada and always imagined a wrap dress. For quite a while now I have been searching for the perfect wrap dress for woven fabric. I already found one for Jersey (Appleton wrap dress from Cashmerette if you are looking for that).

With the start of lockdown, I tried out the Eve Dress from Sew Over It and love wearing my toile. The sleeves didn't fit and I just used a cap sleeve to get a bit of coverage. You might recall this dress from my blog post in March. I since made the dress twice more and made all the usual fit adjustments, which are broad back and full bicep adjustment, and I still couldn't lift my arms 🤷‍♀️ I didn't know what was going on and I thought I made a mistake. I then compare the armscye (shape of the armhole) to another pattern that fits me well and noticed it was about 1" higher than the Eve Dress. I didn't have enough fabric to cut a new bodice (with a raised armhole), I had just enough to cut a new sleeve to change the sleeve head and small bits. Long story short, because I wrote a 'how to' to detail the steps I took to make an underarm sleeve gusset (funny word I know). I can now move around somewhat comfortably.

I am a little disappointed because my excitement about this fabric and the wrap dress with flounce was so high that when there are small flaws, it's a little disappointing. And I am thinking, maybe I should have checked that beforehand but with no previous pattern I had to raise the armhole ever, I do have issues with Sew Over It sleeves being to narrow. Or maybe I wish, I hadn't waited that long to sew the fabric into something pretty and the anticipation were just too high now.

I made two pair of pants/trousers this month. One is more for around the house, I can do a quick run to Spinney's in it if necessary but they are pretty comfortable. I also used one of the new rayon poplins for this project.

The second pair is for actually going out. Obviously being apple green, I wasn't quite sure about it when I first put them on. But having made a nice top that goes with it, I am really liking this look. Of course, most of my wardrobe are dresses but this hasn't always been the case. So wearing these super comfy trousers brings back an old style to my wardrobe. I used the Arden Pants from Helen's Closet and made the Alex Shirt from Sew Over It in ivory Viscose to wear together.

I also have been wearing the top, we made during the lockdown sew-alongs, a lot. So I thought I should make another one but wanted to make the neckline with a facing rather than just folding the edge over twice. If you don't know what I am talking about, check out the sew-along on my IGTV channel. I used the Closet Core pattern Charlie Caftan as my base, removed the front panel and added shirring and shortened it into a top. I think, next time I will add a little bit more width and length to it but I like it as a simple top.

Currently I have cut a new pattern I am trying out. It is the Fringe Dress by Chalk & Notch. It is similar to the Myosotis Dress which I love wearing. I am using the Wild Flower Rayon in Navy as a wearable toile to check fit, length and if I like the style.

While in Germany, I bought 4 fabrics. Two of them have metallic thread and pattern running through them. For the metallic spots, almost tear shaped I would say, I immediately thought of a New Years Eve dress since we will be spending NYE in Dubai this year. The other fabric with the stripes I thought of a nice blouse. It is a crinkle viscose gauze, I would describe it, it was labelled as Viscose but it is as textured as crepe and thin as gauze. Having worn my Alex Shirt a few times this week, I am thinking to change plan and make another shirt instead. Thoughts?

Of course, I couldn't say no to a leopard print and it is in teal - no brainer that I had to have it. If the Fringe Dress is a success, I use this fabric. If not, most likely another Lois Dress 😉

The 4th fabric I had bought before but not loving the dress I made as much as I had hoped so I bought a bit more to make something I want to wear everyday ... which at the moment is Myosotis and Lois Dress to be very honest.

What have you been sewing this month? What are you sewing plans? Comment below.

Thanks for hanging out with me.

Happy Sewing,


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