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Pattern Review: Myosotis Dress by Deer & Doe

The pattern comes as paper and PDF pattern from Deer & Doe. As usual I used the PDF pattern for at-home-printing. The Myosotis Dress is a woven oversized shirt dress. It comes with two sleeve and dress length. Both version have a ruffle options - for sleeve and dress.

For this dress, I made the version with the ruffled tier in a Viscose Crepe with a tiny Leopard print in burgundy. On the picture above, you can actually see the texture of the crepe.

The sewing instructions are easy to follow. I did make a mistake with the collar stand. On the pattern piece it says to cut two and apply interfacing. So I applied it on both pieces of the collar stand - it felt a bit thick. I only realised this mistake when sewing the collar stand and it referred to the interfaced and un-interfaced collar stand. It worked out ok but will keep this in mind for the next one (yes there might be a next one). The pattern level is 3 out of 5 and I fully agree with it.

The pattern comes in sizes 34-46 printed and until 52 as PDF (bust 80cm to 116cm). I made a size 42 for the bust and graded into 44 at the waist. I made two toiles for the bodice and one sleeve since Deer & Doe patterns are always to small around the back, regardless of the loose fit. I made a 3/4" broad back adjustment as well as a 1" full bicep adjustment. Since the broad back adjustment is more than 3/8" I had to add a dart so that the back bodice shoulder seam still fits along the front bodice shoulder seam. I used the blog post from Deer & Doe to guide me on the broad back adjustment. To determine the exact number, I made the first toile in a 42/44 size without any adjustments. I then cut the fabric where I would make the adjustment. My partner measured the gap of the cut slit in the fabric - in particular when I move my arms forward. I then made a second toile to check if the adjustment was enough and only then I decided to do the full bicep adjustment too. I could move my arms but long driving or reaching for items in the shelf while shopping, I might have been uncomfortable. The two toiles I made in a 'regular' Rayon and I must say, no fabric is alike. The sleeves are now quite loose but I love it!

Other than the fit adjustments, I extended the sleeves by 3" and I wanted little ties. So I cut the sleeve pattern parallel to the grainline from the shoulder seam notch to the sleeve hem. On the fabric I added a 1/2" seam allowance and I overlocked the edge. I marked and sewed from the shoulder notch to where the original sleeve finished and presses the seam open. Where the original sleeve finished and my lengthened sleeves - the sleeve slit - I top-stitched the seam allowance down. Then I made ties out of the remaining fabric (I had very little fabric scraps) and sewed them on similar to sewing bias binding. If I would make this again, I will lengthen the ties, they turned out a bit short.

When I finished the dress and tried it on, I didn't like the oversized loose fit on me. These dresses don't look good on me. So I created a tunnel and added elastic and I am much happier with the dress like that. A cinched-in waist looks better on me and of course the elastic makes it super comfortable - and perfect for upcoming festive eatery.

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I very much like the dress and will make it again. I might shorten the bodice to sit a little higher, more empire-waist style but all in all super cute dress. I received quite a few comments and even if I could teach it in a class - so I think that means people like it as much as I do :)

Thanks for hanging out with me. I hope you get inspired to sew a Myosotis Dress yourself. The pattern is available on the website.

Happy Sewing!


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