Sewing Classes & Workshops

Whether you are a complete beginner or an experienced sewist looking to improve your skills, we have a whole range of courses and workshops for adults and children you will love.

Beginner friendly

Intro to Sewing


Get a first feel of using a sewing machine and learn to make yourself a lovely & useful tote bag.

Beginner friendly

Beginner Course


Build your confidence and work on a variety of sewing projects in the beginner course.

Beginner friendly

Teenage Maker


Perfect for the young adult. Learn the basics of sewing: a great and creative skill to have.

Confident Beginner

Intro to Dressmaking


Get a taste for dressmaking and make a pair of pyjama bottoms.


Copycat Workshop

Learn to copy your existing clothes and make a pattern of your favourite garments to make over and over again! 

Beginner friendly

Intro to Knitting



Learn the basics of knitting and make a scarf along the way.

Beginner friendly

Intro to Quilting


Have you ever thoughts of making a memory quilt for your kid but don't know where to start?

Confident Beginner

Kids & Teens Club


Weekly afternoon sewing sessions, perfect to keep little hands busy.

Mave Midi.jpeg
Confident Beginner

Dressmaking 1


Dip your toes into your first dressmaking project and learn how to sew your own skirt.


Intro to Jersey


Sew a wardrobe staple and learn how to handle Jersey fabrics

Beginner friendly

Intro to Embroidery


Learn basic hand-sewing and pimp your favourite garments along the way.

Beginner friendly

Kids Sewing Bees


Crafty times start here in my fun kids workshop where we will make 3 different projects.


Mini Sewing Bees


Weekly afternoon sewing sessions, perfect to keep little hands busy with hand-sewing activity.

Confident Beginner

Freestyle Sewing 


Bring your own project and get help!

All levels

Private Classes

Schedule doesn't work for you? Or you have a different project in mind you would like to sew. Contact Us and share your ideas.

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