Sewing Classes & Workshops

Whether you are a complete beginner or an experienced sewist looking to improve your skills, I have a whole range of courses and workshops for adults and children you will love.

Beginner friendly

Intro to Sewing


Get a first feel of using a sewing machine and learn to make yourself a lovely & useful tote bag.

Beginner friendly

Teenage Maker


Perfect for the young adult. Learn the basics of sewing: a great and creative skill to have.

Mave Midi.jpeg
Confident Beginner

Dressmaking 1


Dip your toes into your first dressmaking project and learn how to sew your

own skirt.


Dressmaking 4

Maria's favourite: a beautiful buffet dress with a button-up bodice and lots of gathers.


Intro to Activewear 

Sew your ultimate workout buddy and dive into sewing with this technical fabric.

Beginner friendly

Beginner Course


Build your confidence and work on a variety of sewing projects in the beginner course.

Confident Beginner

Kids & Teens Club


Weekly afternoon sewing sessions, perfect to keep little hands busy.


Dressmaking 2


Want to learn how to make your own dress? In this course you will make your first dress - the classic Shift Dress.


Intro to Jersey


Sew a wardrobe staple and learn how to handle Jersey fabrics

All levels

Private Classes

Schedule doesn't work for you? Or you have a different project in mind you would like to sew. Contact Me and share your ideas.

Beginner friendly

Kids Sewing Bees


Crafty times start here in my fun kids workshop where we will make 3 different projects.

Confident Beginner

Intro to Dressmaking


Get a taste for dressmaking and make a pair of pyjama bottoms.

Betty 14.jpg

Dressmaking 3

Are you attending a wedding? Or just fancy dressing up? Make your own special occasion dress.

Kimono-Jacket-2 (1).jpg

Intro to Drapey Fabrics

Take your sewing skills to the next level and learn how to sew with tricky light-weight fabrics.

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