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April & May: What have I been sewing?

After Spring Break workshops were over back in April, I had time to sew a bit more for myself. I found a fabric that I had used couple of years ago. It's a linen viscose blend and I had previously made the Charlie Caftan. This time I made my favourite Myosotis Dress. Unfortunately, I don't like the dress in this fabric as much as the first one. I am still not sure why, if it is really the weight & drape of the fabric, including how the ruffles look; or perhaps something else. On our Instagram account, I recorded a video with a lot more detail. Check it out here.

Next up was another Hoya Blouse. I haven't made one in a while, I think. And all the previous versions unfortunately don't fit anymore. I used a Rayon Crepe and it was wonderful to work with and it drapes beautifully. I made a few more this year as they go great to culottes and high-waisted trousers.

Since February, I have been meaning to make more leggings, and I did. I used two Viscose Jersey: one in plain black from the shop and one in leopard print from my stash. Making the leggings from our Intro to Activewear working in Viscose Jersey is so comfortable and soft. I really want to wear them every day :) I never thought I would make leggings and want to make more. It was one of the last ready-to-wear garments I still bought but they never lasted more than half a year. So let's see how long these last.

I also made another pair in the Black & Grey melange activewear fabric which we carry. But since I didn't have time yet to exercise, I didn't get a chance yet to wear it. So I hope to share a picture soon.

Our new class, Intro to Dressmaking, was been super popular since last month. With the temperatures picking up, I switched from long to short PJ bottoms and made a new pair. I used a cotton lawn I bought a few years ago in Germany.

It has a softer and more luxurious touch to it than the cotton lawns available online. But I also would love to make a pair in the Classic Polka Dot Cotton Lawn ... or maybe the Confetti print ... hmm, I cannot decide.

During the last SEWcial, I started another Paola Dress from La Bavarese. This time, I changed the sleeves without the rouched sleeve head and also shortened them. I also lenghtened the bottom tier, and reduced with width of the ruffle. While I wasn't a great fan of the sleeve head, I think the length of the dress and the sleeve, balanced the dress really well and with my changes, I am not so sure I like it as much as the original pattern. Funny, how this can happen, you think you know better and you proof yourself wrong. Did this ever happen to you?

During Me Made May this year, I have been taking as many pictures of my outfit as possible. I didn't share all of them but it was great to keep a record of it. I had a lot of repeats and noticed that half of my wardrobe has Betty dresses and other occasion wear. However at the moment, there isn't a lot of opportunities to wear these lovely dresses. So, the other half of my wardrobe I evaluated. Some garments (mostly dresses!) are best for the winter because of the type of fabric. I also have a few trousers and culottes but struggle with tops and blouses to pair with. The Hoya Blouse from above is a great addition.

Which brings me to my plans for this month ... 5 garments to add to my wardrobe and manage to pair to existing garments. Here is the list:

- two new t-shirts in black and white to add as a basic

- paid of Arden pants in Chambray to look like jeans

- two button-up Alex Shirts.

Here is a little surprise, I already managed two of the five which is probably a record for me. Normally I procrastinating and get distracted with other projects. I am as surprised as you are that it's three days into June and I have already made two garments. Those SEWcials are fantastic! The vibe from the other sewists is so inspiring, I guess it really helps me to get going. I also think, the last two weeks with the studio move in particular were hard work. I also felt in the old studio, I was so hot and a few days, I didn't know what I wanted to make to feel comfortable. On some days I was so hot that I removed the elastic in all my Myosotis dresses because I didn't want any fabric touching my skin. Now we are nice and cool in our new studio, so I can add the elastic again.

What have you been sewing the last two months? What are you sewing plans? Comment below.

Thanks for hanging out with me.

Happy Sewing,


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