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What is ThreadWerk?

Your go-to sewing and fabric studio.

ThreadWerk is a sewing and fabric studio focusing on teaching the craft of home sewing. Spreading the joy of sewing and crafting at our classes and workshops, which are for all ages and abilities, is only one aim of ThreadWerk.


At ThreadWerk, we also source beautiful sustainable dressmaking fabrics and build a base collection of eco-friendly fibres for the conscious sewist.


Another aim of ThreadWerk is to show that home sewing is more than a craft. With your creativity, you can sew ‘high street’ garments to stand out in the crowd with your home-sewn wardrobe. Sewing also contributes to sustainability, the fight against fast fashion and the overall well-being to wear clothes that perfectly fit only the wearer’s body.


We love giving the gift of sewing by teaching others new skills and building confidence. Sewing is not what it use to be, and it can be so rewarding to create something unique and individual to your style.


We hope we can pass on our passion for sewing through ThreadWerk and encourage more people in Dubai to pick up a needle and thread.

Maria's story

Get to know your sewing instructor.

Ola! Hallo! Hi there!

I am Maria, and started sewing in fall 2015. Back then, I used to live on a small island in Malaysia, called Labuan. It only took 20 minutes to drive around the island, so you can tell that there isn't much to do. So I came up with a hobby - and bought a sewing machine. Though with a few hiccups at the start, I have enjoyed every project and haven't looked back.

I haven't bought from a 'ready to wear' store for more than 3 years. Even for my previous corporate job I had tried to incorporate handmade work wear. All projects and garments you see on this website or on my social media accounts have been made by me.

​This used to be my blog where I shared my handmade garments, pattern reviews, fabric hauls and general inspiration to others. Now this has also become my place to get to teach others how to sew and sell a handmade dress from high quality fabrics.

Sewing is not just a crafting skill, for some it can be a very therapeutic activity and for others just a creative outlet. For me, its all of it: I can be creative and it was my happy place after an exhausting day at my job. Offering sewing classes to others will give me the possibilities to pass on my skill and hopefully get others hooked to become a sewing & fabric addict.


Jenny's Story

I love creating things....having learnt hand stitching, embroidery, knitting and sewing at school, I also had people around me that were creative.

I bought my first sewing machine when my daughters (3 of them) were young. I loved making items for them and also for myself. It was a thrill seeing them parade in their prom dresses, which I had made for them.

Coming to Dubai, 9 years ago, I discovered the craft community and started teaching various crafts.

Being creative is a wonderful outlet, there is great fulfilment in having made something yourself and I love sharing that with others.

Rasha's Story

I’ve always had an interest for sewing but never had the time to practice my passion. With quarantine in 2020 and being stuck at home, I started to search for something that could fill up all my extra free time. 


I decided to order a sewing machine and register for a sewing basics online course, and whilst it was challenging, I started from scratch, learning something new with each hour I spent sewing.  

I am very excited to work with you all.


ThreadWerk | Book Sewing Courses and Workshops online in Dubai

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