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Ola! Hallo! Hi there!

I am Maria, and started sewing in fall 2015. Back then, I used to live on a small island in Malaysia, called Labuan. It only took 20 minutes to drive around the island, so you can tell that there isn't much to do. So I came up with a hobby - and bought a sewing machine. Though with a few hiccups at the start, I have enjoyed every project and haven't looked back.

I haven't bought from a 'ready to wear' store for almost 2 years. Even for work I have tried to incorporate handmade work wear. All projects and garments you see on this website or on my social media accounts have been made by me.

​This used to be my blog where I shared my handmade garments, pattern reviews, fabric hauls and general inspiration to others. Now this has also become my place to get to teach others how to sew and sell a handmade dress from high quality fabrics.

Sewing is not just a crafting skill, for some it can be a very therapeutic activity and for others just a creative outlet. For me, its all of it: I can be creative and it was my happy place after an exhausting day at my job. Offering sewing classes to others will give me the possibilities to pass on my skill and hopefully get others hooked to become a sewing & fabric addict.

So come & hang out with me!

Here are some random and fun facts about me, so you can get to me a bit better:

1. I am originally from Germany but haven't lived there for more than 10 years. 
2. I moved to Dubai just after I turned 21 and wanted to stay for 2 years, it turned out to be 7 years. 
3. After living Dubai, I moved to Malaysia, lived there for 3 years and now I am back in Dubai (it's been 2 years already!).
4. I couldn't cook before I moved to Malaysia (only edible for myself), and now love trying out new recipes. 
5. When I travelled through Thailand, I did a Thai cooking class. I still have the cookbook and use it somewhat frequently.
6. I dream and think in English; my mom makes fun of when I forget German words which happens more often now then ever before. 
7. I like giving everything a name alliteration style: Betty Brother, Sally Serger and hopefully soon Molly Mannequin. 
8. I love cats; petting a cat calms me down. I want to like dogs but they scare me.
9. I grew up in a book store and helped my mom at work every Saturday. Therefore I could never own a Kindle or similar, I need to turn pages and love the smell of books. 

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