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Rayon (also known as Viscose) is neither a natural fabric or a synthetic fabric. It is somewhere in between because it is a regenerated cellulose fibre usually manufactured from wool pulp which has been chemically treated.


Rayon is well known for it's softness, drape and silk like lustre. Rayon can wrinkle easily and shrinks quite a bit, so be sure to pre-wash your fabric. Rayon fabrics do vary in weight and opacity so please see each individual fabric listing for more information. There is also a Rayon twill fabrics, this fabric has been woven to form diagonal or parallel ridges. 


Bamboo is made from the bamboo plant. Bamboo is 40% more absorbent than even the finest organic cotton, absorbs moisture away from the skin faster and keeps you dry and comfortable. 

Tencel is a form of rayon that contains cellulose fibres that are made from wood pulp that is harvested typically from Eucalyptus, Oak and Birch trees. Unlike viscose, Tencel is derived from wood pulp that is dissolved using a solvent. The solvent and water used in the production process can be reused.

Fabrics are sold in half metre increments so that you order the quantity you need and won't have too much scrap fabric left. Remnant fabrics are sold as they are, meaning if it is 1.5m left, then this is what will be sold. It won't be possible just to get some of it.​

ThreadWerk | Rayon Fabrics Available online in Dubai

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