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August & September: What have I been sewing?

As I finished the button-up shirt in July, I managed to squeeze in one more shirt. I am super pleased with the pattern matching of the check on the side seam. I really love this pattern. Which reminds me that I need to write up a pattern review because the instruction about sewing the collar and collar stand are fantastic! And a good pattern deserves to be raved about! Mid this month, I also wanted to try out the dress version but ended up chopping off quite a bit to make a tunic length version (which I am wearing right now) and perfect to throw on over leggings and trainers.

In preparation for the staycation in August, I managed to sew two samples for our Intro to Drapey Fabrics workshop. And while on our little holiday, have been living in it! I made one in cotton voile, matching to my PJ shorts. It's perfect to throw on in the morning since I am only wearing a little jersey top to sleep in. I also made a longer version using one of our deadstock fabrics which was a daily wardrobe staple on holiday; with shorts and a top - off we went for breakfast.

I finally finished my anorak toile ... well, when I say finished, it still needs hand sewing and the snaps need to be installed. But it turned out great. I initial anorak, I made more than 4 years ago and it was always a little long. At that time, I was just incredibly pleased with the fact that I could sew myself an anorak who cares about the fit - I didn't at the time. Now when I wear it, with more experience, I can see that it's too long. My broadback adjustment also helped and now I just need to adjustment the armhole and sleeves. The sleeves sit a little further down. I had a browse online to see if this is intensional or not but for me, it makes me look wider if the sleeve seams doesn't sit on the end of my shoulders. So, I will make a narrow shoulder adjustment of 1/2" or 3/4". If this toile fits my mom, I will gift it to her. She already saw the picture and liked it, now it just needs to fit her.

The exercising bug has bitten me ... if you follow us on social media, you might have seen that I started boxing and Aqua Fit. For boxing, I made a work out t-shirts and another pair of leggings. The latter needs a nicer top to go with it. I found some modal cotton jersey online which should be stretchy and light enough to be used as exercising top. For my leggings, I used our Activewear, sports jersey.

Currently I have cut a wrap dress bodice. If you have been reading my blog posts for a while, you might know that I am on the hunt for the perfect wrap dress. And by perfect, I mean perfect for me and my shape. I know there are a ton of patterns available for wrap dresses. Often they have grown on and fluted sleeves but I am looking for a classic sleeve and armhole. So I made a franken-pattern and mixed two patterns together. I used the Myosotis bodice, only the shoulder seam, armhole and side seam; and merged it with the Zadie Jumpsuit bodice because the wrap of this pattern is perfect - doesn't gape! I am making a wearable toile, hopefully wearable! I currently just have the bodice cut. I still need to find a skirt ... thinking of the Eve dress. Let's see. I keep you posted!

Having made the anorak toile, I can now make a start on my cotton drill jacket. I was undecided about the lining fabric. I have a black & white check fabric I wanted to use but discovered that it is a cotton stretch, instead of a viscose. I reckon, two cotton fabrics might be too thick - not sure ... and also it makes it difficult to glide in and out of the sleeves. I could use a different fabric for the sleeves but don't fancy two different fabrics as the lining. So i found some rayon in my stash that I am thinking to use.

What have you been sewing the last two months? What are you sewing plans? Comment below.

Thanks for hanging out with me.

Happy Sewing,


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