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March: What have I been sewing?

With the current situation having more time during the day, I sewed quite a few things at the end of the month. When I teach during the day/week, I don't sew that much or at all. I mostly sew in the evening or at the weekend. Now having so much more time available, I sewed a lot more during the week and keep the evenings for TV and weekends for other DIY projects around the house.

At the beginning of the month, I had a photoshoot for the new course and also some other pieces. The new course samples, you can find here on my website. I also sewed up a new shift dress (part of Dressmaking 2) for my friend Betty in the smoke blue sketch print Rayon, available to buy on the website. The Intro to Jersey course also received a little update, you can now choose between the fitted Agnes Top and the loose-fitted Lark Tee. Check out my friend Violeta & I having a good laugh during the photoshoot.

As part of the samples for the new course, I sewed myself two pairs of Emerson shorts, both in linen available in the online shop. I love this pattern, and have made quite a few versions in the past. Very quick to sew and now also comes in a high-waisted version, if that is your preference.

Unfortunately, the other pair is currently in the wash and I hope to take pictures of it soon.

Next up, is the Scout Tee in Viscose Linen-look and the Sylvia Robe by Sew Over It. the Scout Tee by Grainline studio is also part of the new course. It is a loose-fitted woven t-shirt. I love wearing this t-shirt so much, I need to make another one in white linen. The Sylvia Robe is a kimono-style jacket, very loose just to through over a top. I will be changing the Intro to Drapey Fabrics course soon, and you will get to make this pattern instead of the current one. For this Rayon Crepe, I used French Seams for all the seams and absolutely love the finish.

I am tried out a new pattern which has been in my pattern stash for a while, even printed. But I either run into the issue that I didn't have enough fabric as I needs at least 3.5m. I only 3m of this ditsy floral print Rayon but knew I wanted short sleeves anyway. The pattern - Eve Dress by Sew Over it - sewed up nice, I made a few changes to the front wrap bodice, since I didn't have stay tape. In the past I had made a different wrap garment and didn't use any stay tape but stay-stitch the neckline. So I did the same and used bias tape as a finishing method. And I really like the outcome. However I did struggle with the sleeves. They are very tight. I did do a full bicep adjustment already (again some time ago), and thought it would be sufficient without measuring again ... haha measure twice cut once! Do as you preach Maria :) Anyway, I didn't have enough fabric to cut another pair of sleeves but just enough to cut the little cap sleeve from the shift dress pattern. And I really love the look of this, and very practical for the weather that is ahead of us.

My second dress, I shortened the bodice by 1" to sit a little higher and more flattering above my natural waist. I made a few other changes to the ties but the difference isn't noticeable on the picture. I had a different sleeve issue. I thought of trying out the fluted sleeves but they make my shoulders look very wide and this doesn't look good on me. So I opted for the same sleeve version as the first dress, since I loved the look.

During the sew-along last week, I made these two make-up bags too.

The blazer and jeans are still on my sewing menu but till date haven't decided which one to go for first. Perhaps in the back of my mind, I am still trying to loose weight and worried that neither of them would fit well if I lost weight - plus, truth be told, I am most likely too lazy to take it in afterwards. So I am opting for very loose-fitted dresses that don't need many adjustments in case I lost weight. So the plan is to sew another wrap dress in a leopard print Rayon - I have been dying to cut in for quite a while. I might sew another Appleton wrap dress in a viscose jersey but it is also a leopard print ... well leopard print are considered as neutral, right? Then as mentioned above the white Scout Tee would be great and I have two more linens I'd love to turn into Emerson shorts. So lots of summer outfits are on the menu.

What have you been sewing this month? What are your plans in your #isewlation? Comment below.

Thanks for hanging out with me.

Happy Sewing,


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