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June: What have I been sewing? ... and my Sewing Plans

I started the last month with a dress that I had in mind since I purchased the fabric for the shop. I hadn't made a Betty Dress for quite a while. The last two Betty Dresses were samples for the workshop and have found a home at my friends wardrobes. The lemon fabric is a Stretch Cotton and I adore it. It is a little bit stiffer than previous Stretch Cottons, I used. The fabric also has a little shine to it. I didn't prewash the fabric, like I would normally do. Mostly because I was worried the navy might bleed into the yellow lemons. I could have washed a small square to test it but honestly, I was to impatient and wanted to get going. It is a special occasion dress, so I won't be wearing it everyday that it needs a frequent wash. When I made this dress for me before, I tend to wear it with a small waist belt, and the belt always used to ride up. So for this version, I shortened the bodice by 1" and it sits much better on my waist and the belt doesn't ride up anymore.

As I started planning my summer workshops for Kids & Teens, I wanted to come with something fun to make in the confident beginner workshops. I had my eye on the Cleo Dungarees from Tilly & the Buttons for quite some time. So I had a spring clean of my denim stash and selected a light blue denim that I bought a few years ago in Liberty of London. I intended to make jeans but during the destash, I realised I prefer dark blue denim for jeans over the light blue. So I selected that for the dungarees. It was very joyful sewing and I absolutely love them. My husband even said, I love them and normally I get a 'oh that's nice' or 'I like it'. If I ever had to wear a uniform, it would be this pair of dungarees. I have enough fabric left to make another one and possibly a pair of shorts. I left the hem unfinished to get a frayed look and love it. Oh by the way, when I wash the denim, I 'fluffed' it up so that when it washed, that I won't get any white creases. But I didn't fluff it up enough, so the fabric has lighter lines running through some parts of the fabric which is normal for denim and the colour will still change with every wash.

With the dungarees, I needed a few more t-shirts. I finished one in the brown leopard print Cotton Jersey from the shop. And have one more cut from an Art Gallery fabric that it was in my stash for 3 years. If you know Art Gallery fabrics, you know they aren't cheap but they are also superb quality and super soft. For this t-shirt, I also used one of the Kylie & the machine labels (you cant buy this).

And last but not the least, I finished my 3rd Myosotis Dress in a Rayon Crepe I bought in Germany. Read all about the Myosotis Dress on one of my pattern reviews. For this version, I shortened the bodice by 1" so that the waist seam sits a little bit higher and I think it looks much nicer.

I almost done with another dress using the Rayon Crepe Nairobi Night. It is a new pattern, I haven't used this pattern company before. So once it is finished, I will write a pattern review about it too.

Other than another t-shirt for me, I also have a t-shirt cut for my husband in the Seafoam Cotton Jersey and a pair of pants for me in the Apple Green Linen.

I am also still planning to make the Lois dress by Tessuti fabrics in this fabric. I thought it would be fun to take you along. So I am thinking to do that over on my Instagram Stories. If you aren't following me already, come and join me there for more sewing fun.

I am still hoping to join my brother for his wedding at the beginning of August and will be working on some t-shirts for my nephews and a hoodie for my mom. And of course, a dress to wear to the wedding.

What have you been sewing this month? Do you have any plans for some summer sewing? Comment below.

Thanks for hanging out with me.

Happy Sewing,


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