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April: What have I been sewing?

Well, despite having more time to sew, I didn't sew as much as I thought I would. I guess the filming and editing is fairly time consuming. I have also been busy cutting all your lovely orders - which is fun too. And possibly, I sewed something and never took a picture of it to share ... getting forgetful is also normal at the moment.

So I have been living in various different Emerson shorts - one of my favourite is this leopard print in Linen Rayon. So comfy! I think this might be pair #5 ... can't wait for the courses to be back so you get the share my love for this pattern too.

Oh, and check out my new front door colour ... all part of lockdown activities!

I tried out a new pattern and new technique - all part of this years #makenine2020 goals: try a style out of my comfort zone and learn a new technique.

I used a pattern from a German blogger. I haven't used many German patterns to be honest. I tend not like their sizing, or the way the PDF pattern is created. And, unfortunately, it was true for this pattern as well. For some reason, PDF patterns for a lot of German independent designers come in multiple documents - per size. So each size is one document. Which makes it very difficult for someone like me, that needs two sizes between bust and hip. Since the dress was supposed to be loose-fitted, I took a gamble and choose my size based on my bust. When it came to sewing the side seams, I only machine-based and tried the dress on to see if it fits - cross your fingers here ... It did fit but it wasn't as loose as the pictures on the pattern, so instead of 5/8" (1.5cm) I only used 3/8" ( as seam allowance to give me an extra 1" (2.5cm) around the hip and that made all the difference. Now the sleeves are still the feature I am not sure about. Many of you loved the dress on Instagram/Facebook - thanks for all your lovely comments. If I were to make the pattern again, and that's likely because I love the rest of the dress, I would change the sleeve head. Not a fan of puffy sleeves.

The shirring - the new technique - was so much fun to sew, took quite a long time and is so comfortable to wear. Shirring is a technique where you sew with elastic thread in the bobbin. I used a Rayon I bought in Germany in January, and love it. I used the navy colour way for the wrap dress last month.

In the search for the perfect wrap dress and on the way to my ruffle wrap dress of dreams, I took a step closer to my goal. I added a flounce - not a ruffle - to the bodice front wrap. And let me tell you, it's gorgeous! I love it so much. The flounce is pretty much one big circle of fabric. You can make it any width you'd like and gives any dress an interesting feature. You can even use it at the hem of a dress or skirt.

I have cut two Lark Tees ready to be sewn. I am ready to cut into my red polka dot fabric, ready for the actual wrap dress of my dreams. Other plans will form as I go along this month, I reckon. Definitely made a good dent in my stash, also one of the goals this year to sew my stash more and buy less.

What have you been sewing this month? What are your plans in your #isewlation? Comment below.

Thanks for hanging out with me.

Happy Sewing,


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