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July: What have I been sewing?

I finished the Pleiades Dress from French Poetry in the Rayon Crepe Nairobi Night. I had to make a lot of adjustments to get to this dress. Here is the short version and I am planning to write up an honest pattern review:

I started off with my usual broad back adjustment. The shoulder seams hung very low off my shoulders, so I took away about an 1” for a narrow shoulder adjustment. I made a size 14 but then took the dress in by 4”(!!!), so I’ll be sizing down 2 sizes if I make the dress again. There are no finished garment measurements in the instructions, so I based my size choice on my bust measurement. I took out the pouffed sleeves and replaced them with cap sleeves (from the Scout Tee) but sewed a smaller seam allowance to accommodate for a full bicep adjustment. I think I’ll write a more details blog post about this pattern. Next time, I’d like to shorten the bodice by 3/4” so that the beautiful waist seam sits right underneath my bust and lengthen the dress by 6-7” to be below the knee. The pattern seems to be drafted for someone with wide shoulders. I still have a lot of fabric around the bust towards the sleeves, not sure if that’s supposed to be right. The instructions are ok if you are advanced. All in all it’s a wearable toile and with more adjustments, I can see this dress being super cute and a bit more fitted.

I also finally sewed up this fabric and I am so in love with this pattern that I have worn it already twice this month and sewed up another one for my birthday. This was the dress pattern I am planning to make for my brother's wedding. This dress I will show you next month.

In preparation for my visit at home, I have also sewn a few t-shirts for my nephews using some of the Jersey fabrics available online. Also, my husband received a new t-shirt and two for me.

Speaking of Jersey, I had bought this Anchor striped fabric for my mom some time ago and I wanted to make her a hoodie for her birthday. Since I bought it from the shop in my hometown, I thought I try to surprise her and said the shop never gotten back to me (I white-lied), little did I know she stopped by this shop a couple of days later. So she knew I had gotten the fabric and I had already shared the finished hoodie on my stories on Instagram since I loved the hoodie so much. I cannot wait to make one for myself, and as per your votes on Instagram I am planning to add this as a seasonal workshop. A picture will follow next month.

I still have the Apple Green Linen. cut to make a pair of trousers but I don't think I will have enough time to finish them before I leave. I might take some fabric and pattern with me, in case I have some time to sew at home - my mom has a machine too. Since I will be travelling, I am won't be planning too much to sew next month. Although saying that, I did pack two patterns and one fabric in case I get bored. I also ordered two fabrics in Germany that I can sew into something too.

What have you been sewing this month? Do you have any plans for some summer sewing? Comment below.

Thanks for hanging out with me.

Happy Sewing,


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