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March: What have I been sewing?

Updated: Jun 12, 2019

March flew by as quickly as January & February.

I have create all the stock for the Ethan Tees - 3 different Fabrics in 5 different sizes (so a total of 15 tees have been sewn). I only sewed a couple of samples for the Connor Shirt and will add more over the next weeks. I will also add a limited edition fabric for girls - I am only going to say Cherries!

For myself, I have tried 2 new patterns this month. First pattern new to me is the Charlie Caftan from Closet Case Patterns. I made it in a Linen Viscose which is a-so-cool to wear, especially with the temperature picking up here in Dubai. Shame that the fabric stained a bit when I initially washed it. Hence I considered it as a toile/muslin. But it is hardly visible (3-feet away rule) and since the stain is consistent throughout the fabric, it can easily be a design feature. I will definitely make another one of this dress, maybe even the maxi version.

I have also made a sample of a funky pouch to dress up an outfit, I am not sure yet if this will be another course or selling it on my website - or maybe both.

The other new pattern is so quick and easy to sew, both dresses only took me a couple of hours to sew. It is the Stevie Dress (and Top) from Tilly & The Buttons. I made it in the Atelier Brunette Chestnut Stardust fabric and wish I could wear it everyday! So I made another one in my blue-striped seersucker with embroidered pink flamingos and it is the perfect dress and fabric combo for hot weather.

And let's not forget my Camel Leather Handbag. Lots of hand sewing went into this cutie.

I have two projects cut - still the toile for my jumpsuit. I fell a little out of love with it, although it is just a toile/muslin. I hope I can motivate myself to finish it, and decide if I want to make the jumpsuit in my actual chosen fabric or if I save it for something else. I am almost done with the Alex Shirt Dress in black rayon which I had already cut the previous month. You can see that I can get distracted with other projects easily. :)

What have you been sewing this month?

Thanks for hanging out with me.

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