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August: What have I been sewing?

Updated: Jun 12, 2019

I had a very busy sewing month, and I managed a lot of items for my shop, only very few garments for myself or relatives.

Here are the vital statistics of my sewing month:

I sewed up a total of 24 garments and 9 scrunchies, out of which 5 were for myself, 2 samples for class and 17 for the shop & markets. Last month I made 40 pleats*, sewed 17 buttonholes and buttons (of which one I broke), inserted 4 zips and broke no needle.

* Pleats are single or double folds in a garment, held by stitching the top or side.

For the shop, I made a lot of tunics. I love that everyone loves the tunics as much as I do. I also made a few more dresses to have different sizes available at the market, instead of only the samples.

After sewing the Kimono last month, I decided to add one to the shop too. I found this really lovely dobby dot rayon in navy with small soft floral print. Of course I made a sample for myself and love wearing it with a simple black top and jeans.

Finally I finished my new PJ sample for my beginner class along with a new make-up bag. I really fell in love with the pattern and very happy that I finally used the waxed cotton canvas I bought almost two years ago. It is a great quality waxed cotton canvas and worth every penny. The company is called Kiseki and mostly carry Japanese cottons. Although a bit on the pricy side but the quality is so good. If you check my Me-Made-May outfits, you will see a navy floral cotton top with tie belt - this is one of their fabrics. Beautiful to wear, one of my favourite tops.

The first garment I sewed for myself was a new pair of loose fitting pants. You probably know the loose type you can buy in Cambodia or Thailand. I had a pair like that which I bought 5 years ago, needless to say that they started falling apart by now. I had bought a nice grey white floral rayon at Like Sew Amazing and made a pair of Emerson pants by True Bias. I have been living in them this month. This pair is so drapy and cool to wear. Perfect for the hot weather here in Dubai right now.

The amount of buttons I mentioned above mean that I have practiced my shirt-making skills. Lots of collars & collar stands, buttons & buttonholes. I wrote a pattern review about my recent garment, check it out for more details.

It's my nephews birthday beginning of next month and while I can't be there, I decided to make him a little outfit. I used the Bookworm Shirt pattern from Blank Slate Patterns for a wee shirt. I wasn't expecting to take that long - a whopping 8 hours. It is amazing that although it is less fabric than a adult shirt but it takes the same amount of time. The pattern has all the same details as an adult pattern: collar & collar stand, long sleeves with sleeve placket and button tab. I just hope it fits! I went up a size just to be sure. If it doesn't fit right now, it will fit soon. The shirt isn't perfect but the more shirts I make, the more practice I get and will perfect each task in the future. Practice makes perfect! For the pants, I used the same pattern company as the shirt. The pants pattern is called the Clean Slate Pants.

And my last garment is also the same as my first garment. The Emerson pants by True Bias in a black Viscose Linen from the same fabric shop as the other pair :)

I prepared you a little look book to flick through my handmade garments for August.

What have you been sewing this month?

Thanks for hanging out with me.

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