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July: What have I been sewing?

Updated: Jun 12, 2019

I had a very busy sewing month, and I managed a lot of items for my shop, some garments for me and even for my other half.

The t-shirt in red jersey had been cut out for at least two months, if not even longer. After the photo shoot was over at the beginning of the month, I finally wanted to make something for him and me. So I took to a project which was cut out for so long. I wanted to try out the t-shirt pattern from Liesl & Co Men's Metro T-Shirt. It is such a quick pattern to sew up, same as the Agnes Top, it only took an hour & half (without cutting out). The jersey worked very well with the pattern. He really likes it. The only request he made, was to perhaps take it in from the waist to the hip/hem a little bit. The fit is fine, it sticks out ever so slightly. I have four or five more jersey fabrics for him to make the same t-shirt. Recently I had to re-wash them because Molly, our cat loves to snuggle up for her mid morning snooze.

I also added another Agnes Top to my collection, more stripes as well :) And with the few centimetres left, like with some many other jersey fabrics, I finally tried the Megan Nielsen Acacia undie pattern (it's a free pattern when you subscribe to the mailing list). I already made two, and have another two cut out. Of course, it is a great fabric stash buster. Most likely, I will always cut a pair out with another jersey project and then sew many undies up in one go. One thing I must mention that good quality lingerie elastic is key. From the picture you may see that the pair in the striped jersey is bunching up at the top, I used a different brand (Singer) of elastic and it has a different stretch percentage than the one from Prym. So I will have a look out for some more lingerie elastic online.

For my birthday, I finally made the Penny Dress from Sew Over It. The pattern comes with a full circle skirt but due to the striped Cotton Linen, I decided to go with a simple gathered skirt. Which also gave me the opportunity to play with the stripes a little bit. I messed up the button placement slightly but another button, from the inside should fix that and help with the no-peak issue, that many ready-to-wear garments have. I love this dress, it is so flattering. I have many more planned even with an a-line skirt.

For the shop, I sewed up 10 girls tunics and 10 tote bags in two different sizes. I find sewing tote bags utterly relaxing. It is such a simple and quick project and a green alternative to plastic. Like my slogan, save the world, one tote bag at a time :) By the way, the bags sold greatly at the market, in particular the large ones. So I will be making more this week for my next market coming Saturday.

And last but definitely not the least, I added a Kimono Jacket to my wardrobe. It is a very new style to me and I absolutely love rayon fabric. It is so cool and light to wear. The Pineapple fabric was a birthday buy. I always wanted some fabric with pineapples in my stash. It is a fun and bold print to wear and for sure not the last one. I am looking to add a more neutral colour and also want to lengthen the pattern by 10cm. At the moment the hem sits right at my belly which doesn't look very flattering when you have a wee tummy.

I prepared you a little look book to flick through my handmade garments for July.

What have you been sewing this month?

Thanks for hanging out with me.

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