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Fabric & Pattern Haul

Updated: May 2, 2021

It has been a while since I last wrote about my fabric purchases. That doesn't mean I didn't buy any fabrics :) So these fabrics & pattern are from the last three months.

I'll start with what I bought in May, when I was at home in Germany. At home, I can always find some great novelty jersey prints. The quality is fantastic. The jersey doesn't bubble after wear and wash. I bought two fabrics for myself, one for my nephew (which is the cutest) and one for my partner. So what have I planned with these fabrics:

A turquoise jersey for my partner - a t-shirt (this project has already 4 or 5 different jersey fabrics - he recently complained that all his store-bought t-shirts have holes in them, so I better make a start this month).

Cool Jersey print for my nephew - is going to be a hoodie

Grey floral jersey for me - perhaps a cardigan would be a nice idea

Stripes for me - has to be another Agnes Top. It is a wardrobe staple for me and I wear them at least 3 or 4 times a week.

Oh my mom gifted me this lovely Cherry jersey, I have yet to decide what to make from it. Any thoughts? Comment below :)

I went to the 'Old Souk' here in Dubai to source some fabrics for selling girls tunics & dresses. I found a lovely striped cotton poplin, it has a bit of stretch and it will be perfect for some nautical themed tunics. I also bought some fabrics for me, dah, of course :) One is a fine-striped cotton linen - oh so soft - and I am making a Penny Dress. When I went grocery shopping couple of weeks ago, I saw a woman with a similar dress & fabric. And some black sheer striped cotton which was on sale and I might make my first shirt with collar stand.

First time I order from Guthrie & Ghani. Her selection of fabrics is amazing. Although a bit on the pricy side but the quality is stunning. As mentioned, it was the first time I ordered and the postal service seemed to have messed things up.

My fabrics have already been in Birmingham (where they were shipped from), all the way to New York - yes the US, onwards to Jamaica and now in Dubai. I can only imagine that the parcel went it the wrong shipping bin to go around the world in more than 30 days. But this had me worrying for a few days. The first time I spent a higher amount on quality fabrics and my parcel gets lost. The parcel also sat for two weeks locally here. So it can be quite frustrating to wait for some beautiful fabrics, in particular if you had an idea in your mind. I am very happy that they are finally here (just in time for my birthday).

For some of the fabrics I ordered a very specific amount and now I am wondering what I had in mind to make :( I guess I have to start noting down which fabrics go to which project. Well I am sure they won't go to waste.

If she has any fabrics left in her shop, I link them in the pictures.

The pink coral Linen Viscose is so soft and lightweight. It has so much more drape than the Linen Viscose I used for my wrap dress last month. This is the fabric, I can't remember what I had in mind for it. I think either a caftan (see below pattern), another wrap dress or maybe a Penny Dress. Thoughts?

Nani Iro Floral Beige Double Gauze is going to be such a great fabric to wear in the heat. It feels so light and breezy, I can already see myself at the beach ...

Nani Iro Black Cotton Lawn feels so great and I am thinking to make a shirt with a mandarin collar. The downside of this fabric is that it has a very wide selvedge, about 2,5cm on either side. So I hope I have enough for a shirt pattern.

The most anticipated fabric is the Chestnut coloured Atelier Brunette Double Gauze. It is my first time ordering a Atelier Brunette fabric. The weave is really nice and the golden spots give the fabric a very unique look.

Having touched a lot of fabrics, I am very happy with the quality of these fabrics and I can't wait to make something of them. This is my first time working with Double Gauze and Nani Iro too, so I thought I share a bit of fabric knowledge.

Double Gauze:

This ultra soft double gauze fabric is perfect to use for blankets, baby items, dresses, skirts, quilting and more. It features 2 layers of very thin gauze fabrics fused together, to create a super soft, full bodied fabric.

Nani Iro:

Nani Iro is a Japanese label designed by Naomi Ito. A number of designs is printed on a smooth blend of linen and cotton, ideal for interior items and bags but also for clothing

Oh, and since it is my birthday this month, I also got some new patterns to try out.

The pants are new territory for me. I have made a few shorts for me and my partner but I have yet to make jeans and proper pants. I own this beautiful pair of 'fishermen's pants' from a trip to Cambodia about 5 years ago. These pants are made out of Rayon and already falling apart, so I am hoping the True Bias pattern can replace my old ones.

The caftan is a must for living in a hot country, and I am also thinking to create a sewing workshop. I read that the panel is quite tricky, so I am planning to make a few samples. Same as the caftan, I need a Kimono jacket in my wardrobe.

I also spotted some amazing pineapple rayon which should be a good match to a Kimono.

Love to hear from you on my fabric & pattern ideas. Any recommendations are welcome. Where is your favourite fabric shop? And what was the longest time waiting for your parcel?

Thanks for hanging out with me.

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