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April: What have I been sewing?

Updated: Jun 12, 2019

April was a very good sewing month. For once, I have decided to try my luck in teaching to sew and selling a few handmade dresses. I will share more on that soon. On the other hand I managed to sew quite a lot for others, following the #soiselflesssewing.

Some of the projects were surprises for my family (very belated Christmas gifts haha), I made matching pajama pants for my mom & her partner and for my brother & his fiancee. Unfortunately, the gentlemen in the round didn't want to get pictured. I respect that. The girls got short pajama pants and the guys have long ones. I used & recycled couple of bed sheets.

When we traveled last year to Myanmar, my boyfriend had to buy a local dress to visit the Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon because he wore shorts and had to cover his legs. So we brought the fabric back and I made him some lounge wear.

I also sewed a lot of sample garments for the courses I want to teach: bags, pillow cases, make up bags and an up-cycled dress (two skirts become one dress and lots of bias tape).

For myself, I only made two garments: one more Deer & Doe Hoya blouse and the Alex Shirt Dress.

I prepared you a little look book to flick through my handmade garments for April.

Did you participate in some selfless sewing? What did you make?

Thanks for hanging out with me.

Maria xxx

#sewingprojects #selflesssewing

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