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Pattern Review: Plantain Tee by Deer & Doe

For a very long time, I have been looking for the perfect t-shirt pattern for me. I wanted something a little more fitted in the bust and looser around waist and tummy. When I was a bit slimmer, I loved sewing the Agnes Top from Tilly & the Buttons but it is very fitted around the tummy area. As my weight has been fluctuating for the last years, I didn't feel comfortable wearing them anymore. And I started using the Lark Tee from Grainline Studios. I love this one too but due to the length - almost tunic length - I prefer it as a winter tee. I love the 3/4 length sleeves. I thought of combining both patterns but then I came across the Plantain Tee.

The pattern comes as PDF pattern only from Deer & Doe and is free. The t-shirt is fitted around the bust and loose around waist and tummy. It comes with two sleeve length. The pattern is available in sizes 34 - 52 (bust 80 cm to 116 cm) and are drafted for a C-D cup.

The very first t-shirt, I made a plain black version because who doesn't need one of those as a basic. And then my obsession started and I have made 7 in the last two months.

I made size 42 in the bust and graded to the size 44 in the hip. I didn't make any other adjustment. For the black t-shirt, I thought it looks a bit tight next to my bust but it doesn't feel tight. So for the white t-shirt, I reduce the seam allowance from the sleeve to just underneath the bust to 1/4". But I had forgotten to do so with the other t-shirts and they fit perfect! The other fabrics feel a little softer than the plain ones.

The sewing instructions are easy to follow, like most of Deer & Doe's patterns. Due to the scooped neckline (which I absolutely love by the way), I decided to divide neckband and neckline into eighth, rather than only quarter mark it. I found it much easier to insert like that and had no puckering.

I don't think there is anything to add. This is now my go-to t-shirt pattern, the one I have been looking for the last years. I think I had made enough over the last month, but if ever I come across another lovely jersey fabric, I will definitely make more.

Thanks for hanging out with me. Do you have a favourite t-shirt pattern?

Happy Sewing!


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