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Me Made May 2018

Updated: Jun 12, 2019

If you haven't heard about Me Made May (#mmmay18), here is a brief summary: It is a challenge to wear only handmade garments throughout the month of May. On the initiator's blog you can read the full story or listen to the Love to Sew Podcast.

Last year, I participated the first time and pledged to wear at least twice a week a handmade garment. As my handmade wardrobe grew over the year, my pledge for this year is to wear one 'me made' item a day and also to refashion three items by the end of the month to give less worn items a new live.

I have compiled my outfits for May in a gallery below at the end of the post.

In regards to the refashioned items, how did I go:

Some time last year, when a new pattern from Sew Over It was released, I had sewn up two versions of the Lulu Dress: one in floaty Rayon and one in Cotton Voile with cute Dandelions. I have worn the dress made in Rayon plenty of times. Due to the stiffness of the Cotton Voile, I never really liked the dress and only wore it once. During this month, I noticed that I wear a lot of separates but have mainly made dresses, so I took the opportunity to shorten the Lulu Dress into a top. I also changed the closing from a regular button to a pearl button. And I am very pleased with the top than with the dress #success

Although I wore handmade garments every day last month, I did not manage to refashion three items - only the one. I really hope I can manage to refashion these less--used handmade within the next months.

As mentioned above, I am wearing more separates than dresses during the day or also lack of simple throw-on dresses so in the future, I will be working on making more blouses or tops as well as simple dresses for an everyday wear, like the Vintage Shirtdress - this is one of my favourites from this month.

Did you participate in #memademay? How did you go? What is your conclusion? What's your favourite outfit of my handmade wardrobe from this month?

Thanks for hanging out with me. Happy Sewing!

Maria xxx

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