All my Betty Dresses

With the launch of my Dressmaking 3 course back in December, I thought it would be nice to share my collection of Betty Dresses with you. Then you'll see why I chose this pattern to teach as a course.

With a fitted bodice and full circle skirt, Betty is super flattering for all figures, nipping you in at the waist and flaring out to create a beautiful silhouette. The dress fastens with an invisible zip down the centre back, has facings around the neckline and armholes and a machine finished hem.

I own a total of 8 Betty Dresses in very different colours, fabrics and styles. My very first one, I used a colour and pattern that didn't suit me. So there isn't a picture existing of me wearing it. Small prints like this just don't suit me.

The very first wearable Betty Dress, I wore at a friends wedding in the UK. The fabric I had purchased in Kuala Lumpur and love it. I love the shade of green and the different floral print. I remember that the fabric wasn't wide enough, so I had to creative to cut the fabric and add length to the skirt.

My second dress is made out of a light cotton lawn purchased in Australia. Following this dress I also made two work appropriate dresses in plain colours but with fun lining fabrics. Gotta have some fun fabrics underneath if you keep the outside plain.

I then fell in love with this yellow print - which by the way is a duvet cover. So you don't have to use expensive fabrics, you can easily use bed sheet and duvet covers. These offer a lot of fabric yardage.

The Betty Dress is very versitile, and you can hack the skirt. What I have done with most of mine is change to a half circle skirt, instead of full circle. And these two versions, I have changed the skirt into a pleated and gathered skirt.

And of course, the two latest versions to promote the course itself, I made a dress for me and a friend of mine.