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The Thread Thief - Sewing & Dressmaking

A couple of months ago, I made the decision to start teaching and giving sewing classes locally, here in Dubai.

This has been in the ''werks'' for a little while and now I have finalised the website as well as the structure of the classes. I offer a taster session to get a first feel for a sewing machine and a beginner course with a variety of different sewing projects. For beginners who have already sewn a few items before, I also offer two dressmaking courses and a customised class where the student comes with a project idea in mind. In the near future, I will also offer seasonal projects, for instance sewing projects for Christmas or gifts as well as monthly special classes, perhaps a more advanced dressmaking or shirt class.

I am so excited to get started and share the knowledge I have gained in the last few years with others.

Coming soon, I am planning to sell handmade dresses locally on markets. I have already sourced high quality fabrics for girls & ladies dresses. With that in mind, I have come up with my label, check out the logo & label below. To get started, I have asked a couple of friends to measure their kids and make sample dresses.

Stay updated and sign up to my newsletter. I am hoping to publish every month.

Thanks for hanging out with me. Happy Sewing!

Maria xxx

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