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Pattern Review: Kelly Anorak by Closet Case Patterns

Updated: Jun 12, 2019

As part of the #2017makenine challenges, I wanted to add some outer wear to my handmade wardrobe and chose the Kelly Anorak by Closet Case. I reviewed many pictures on Instagram until I made my decision.

I was able to identify with the style of the jacket and knew exactly I wanted it in a burgundy color. Normally, when I am looking for a specific color, I won't find it. At that time, we still lived in Malaysia and the selection in the Spotlights in Kuala Lumpur are not as extensive as in Australia (as I got to know). But I was lucky :)

I chose a burgundy drill (that's what the label called it). It looks like a twill - my fabric knowledge is yet to improve. The instructions don't call for a lining but I wanted one with the thought in mind that I live in warm countries and when I go home to (cold) Germany, I needed an extra layer. So I picked a lovely floral Cotton Lawn. The lawn is a bit slippery to make easy to get in and out.

The jacket comes in different versions:

  • With a collar

  • With a hood

  • With(out) drawstring

For this jacket, I picked the version with the collar and drawstring.

I was scared to start, knowing the jacket has more than 20 pattern pieces; this was the most complex garment I would have ever made till date. And because I lined it, I had double the amount of pieces.

I made sure I stayed on track with every piece, and the lining and outter fabric pieces were sewn together, it went to one pile. Then I had to remember that some pieces needed interfacing which were put onto another pile. I also made sure I kept each pattern piece pinned to its the fabric piece till it was sewn on. This really helped me not to get lost with all the pieces.

The garment sewed together quite nicely. The instructions were easy to follow. Only at the zipper placket I had some issues, and consulted the boyfriend for help in case I misunderstood as I am not an English native-speaker. But with the help of the detailed tutorial on Closet Case website, I found myself attaching my first ever separating zipper.

After the first fitting, I noticed that the jacket was a bit to big and long for my size. But I didn't mind that because I prefer it longer and a bit bigger, so I can add an extra layer while on 'home' holiday which is normally needed for me anyway.

I went on sewing on the collar and sleeves with cuffs until I found myself almost finished.

With the last finishing touch of adding the snap buttons which the boyfriend helped, I had actually made a jacket. I tried it on and couldn't believe it. Unfortunately, I have yet to go home to good old Germany to give the ultimate test drive but I am sure the day will come soon.

I am looking forward to make another one (in a grey cord), and just waiting for Closet Case to release an add-on for a proper lining.

Thanks for hanging out for me.

Maria xxx

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