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Sew the trends - ready-to-wear looks you can sew yourself

Updated: Sep 7, 2020

Following the release of the new linen and rayon fabrics, here the sixth instalment of ready-to-wear trends that you can sew and recreate yourself. If you haven't read the other posts yet, click on the category 'Sew the Trends' above.

The new linen and rayon fabrics will work perfect for all of the following patterns. Linen is the best fabric to wear during hot & humid weather. And if you love silky dresses, Rayon/Viscose is a great substitute.

Linen is made from the fibres of the stem of the flax plant. The fibre does not have any insulate properties allowing the wearer to feel cool. Linen yarn is stronger than a similar weight cotton yarn which means that it can be more loosely woven.

Linen can be combined with other fibres such as silk, rayon and cotton which will alter the feel of the fabric.

Rayon (also known as Viscose) is neither a natural fabric or a synthetic fabric. It is somewhere in between because it is a regenerated cellulose fibre usually manufactured from wool pulp which has been chemically treated.

Rayon is well known for it's softness, drape and silk like lustre. Rayon can wrinkle easily and shrinks quite a bit, so be sure to pre-wash your fabric.

So here are 5 current trends sold by popular fashion retailers that you can easily recreate with existing sewing patterns and sew yourself at home. All sewing patterns featured are from indie pattern designers. As a small business myself, I like to support other small businesses. If you see a pattern or fabric you like, follow the links to purchase it from the designer or fabrics shop.

PS: I am not compensated in any way for your purchase – I am just passionate about supporting other small businesses.

1. Cami Jumpsuit

Comfy and chique with a cami jumpsuit; comfort and breezy elegance all in one tidy, minimalist package.

Ready-to-wear look (left): ASOS DESIGN lounge linen cami jumpsuit in orange

Sewing Pattern (right): Amy Jumpsuit by Closet Core Patterns

Fabric Suggestions:

Drapey woven fabrics such as rayon challis, tencel, silk, and viscose will create a soft, swishy effect.

Crisp, lightweight woven fabrics like double gauze, linen, and lawn will provide a more structured silhouette.

2. Tiered Smock Dress #1

Oversized smock dress with tiered skirt, is a must have this summer in everyone's wardrobe. I love wearing all my 3 Myosotis dresses and can't wait to make more.

Ready-to-wear look (left): ASOS DESIGN cotton tiered mini smock dress in white

Sewing Pattern (right): Myosotis Dress by Deer & Doe

Fabric Suggestions:

chambray, rayon twill, batiste, double-gauze, lightweight cotton sateen.

3. Tiered Smock Dress #2

Smock dresses with tiers are so trendy right now and come in various styles. And you can customize to suit your style and wardrobe. Add one tier, two or even 3! You can play around with the number of tiers as you like.

Ready-to-wear look (left): Missguided poplin smock dress with crochet detail in black

Sewing Pattern (right): Rosalie Dress by Fibre Mood

Fabric Suggestions:

Blends that include cotton, poplin or linen have just the right amount of 'body' to give Rosalie that playful volume. If you have more of a flowing dress in mind, select a (silk)satin or a crepe instead – basically any fabric that has a lovely fluid drape. 

4. Casual Wrap Dress

As easy to wear as it is to sew, is a wrap dress. Whether you wear yours out to dinner or for lounging by the pool, a wrap dress is sure to keep you stylish but comfy!

Ready-to-wear look (left): ASOS DESIGN linen wrap midi dress

Sewing Pattern (right): Ravello Dress by Sew Over It

Fabric Suggestions:

Linen, Double Gauze, Viscose, Crepe

5. Button-front Sun Dress

A flirty button-front dress is perfect for picnics in the park or cocktails under the stars.

Ready-to-wear look (left): ASOS DESIGN dungaree button through midi sundress in black

Sewing Pattern (right): Seren Dress by Tilly & the buttons

Fabric Suggestions:

cotton lawn, chambray, shirting, seersucker, broderie anglaise, linen, viscose (rayon), crêpe de chine.

Here is the new collection of linen and rayon fabrics:

I hope I gave you some great fashion inspiration. If you have a dress or garment from a ready-to-wear shop that you would like to sew, comment below and I will try my best to find a matching sewing pattern for you.

Happy Sewing,


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