October & November: What have I been sewing?

I think these last two months were rather productive. There is a bit of a theme going on though. I have sewn lots of garments with technical fabrics.

Three months ago, I started exercising and decided I needed a new sports bra. I had previously bought some online but the fit wasn't great. My current one fits me well, so I decided to try and copy it. In inspection my sports bra and realized it only had two shoulder seams. So the bra is made out of a tube of fabric which is common for knit fabric. So getting the fit right was important.

My biggest worry was, getting to fit the band underneath the bust. For my first version, I decided to use the same method that we use for the waistband of the leggings in our Intro to Activewear workshop. I made an inner and an outer band with side seams and added an elastic. With the side seams and the elastic, it feels a little snug when worn for too long. For an hour exercise, it is fine. The armholes I finished using bands, just like when finishing the neckline on a t-shirt.

For my second version, I used a different method to construct the under-bust band. Basically, just like the neckline of a t-shirt. Unfortunately, it doesn't give enough support and feels things might slip out when raising my arms, if you know what I mean.

For the third version, I used a new method that I learned when sewing the swimwear elastic into my bikini bottoms and top. You sew the elastic slightly to the left of the centre of the band, which then will be the inside of the band. I think I stretched the elastic a little too much, although it fits well when I have it on, but it is a little difficult to get over the shoulders. So for my next version I will use an exposed elastic, repurposed from one of the ordered ones. Let's see if this will give a better fit and easy to put on and off. The only thing I don't like about the exposed elastic is that it is a little thick, or wide. I prefer a medium-width band.

To take some samples pictures for our Dressmaking 1 class, I made up a skirt using our leopard viscose fabric.

In preparation for our hoodie workshop, I made two hoodies and I love the Christmas one and cannot wait to wear it. I also made another one as a present for my sister in law. If she sends a picture, I will share it with you.

Keeping in line with the theme, I made another t-shirt and pair of leggings to workout.

I finally finished the grey anorak. I just had to hand-sew the lining and add the hardware. I like the length, but the armholes and sleeve don't sit in the right place yet. So I will make a small narrow shoulder adjustment. This grey jacket will be for my mom, she already likes the colour. Let's just hope it fits her.

Inspired from our kids sewing club, I made another pinafore dress. The girls finished theirs and decided I wanted another one. I love wearing my light blue one, so I made a dark blue one. Just like before, I made size 6 but let out the side seams slightly. I hadn't finished the hem and wanted to give the dress a first wash to see how this denim frays and if I'd still like it. It just came out of the wash, and I might actually hem it this time. It frays a lot more than the light blue.