Hack attack with Heather

Updated: Jun 3, 2021

I do enjoy blending patterns together to make my own personalized style. Hacking a pattern can be just a simple change like a pocket, sleeve or collar to suit your needs or body type.

The pattern I am going to hack is the Kaste Cocktail Dress Pattern from the book "Breaking The Pattern" by Laura and Saara Huhta of the company Named Clothing.

I love the bodice of this dress but don't like the fitted skirt for me, mainly due to living in a warm climate I like a looser skirt. My plan is to add a gathered skirt under the bodice to make a curved empire waist with small gathers.

Looking at the line drawing, I have 2 options:

a) Cut the skirt in corresponding lengths to the shape of the bodice which would make a straight edged hem

b) cut rectangles for the skirt which would give a wavy hem adding some interest.

I'm going to go with b) as I think this will be a nice effect.

The Kaste dress on the model has been made from a medium weight cotton as there is structure in the style. I am after a much softer look so have chosen a soft rayon that has a good drape and plenty of movement. I already had the pretty daisy rayon in my stash and as I only have 2 metres so will make a tunic length that can be worn with trousers.

I only needed to use the top part of the pattern, so traced out all the bodice pieces and cut out those and 1 larger rectangle for the front and 2 smaller for the back. There is a zip closure at the back, so the skirt at the back had to be joined with a seam.


Use spray starch on the edges of your cut out pattern pieces on soft floaty fabrics. It certainly temporarily stops a lot of movement whilst sewing.

I overlocked the seam edges of the bodice pieces and then joined the pieces together