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February & March: What have I been sewing?

February is way too short of the month to squeeze in all the sewing projects I had planned. Let's take a quick look what I had planned to sew ... and let me tell you upfront, none of them had happened In February.

In my mind and on my cutting table I had:

- another Kelly Anorak in Corduroy. I have made the anorak before but made quite a few adjustments that this version is supposed to be a wearable toile before cutting into my final fashion fabric to copy a H&M jacket I owed couple of years ago.

- another Myosotis Dress since I wore all four this month. I have a lovely Rayon Crepe in Black with white polka dots which would be perfect.

- for all my high-waisted pants and culottes, I was looking for a sleeveless shirt pattern and found something. I'll keep you posted on it.

I started cutting the outer fabric already for the anorak, the lining fabric is still to go. The dolka dot fabric has been cut into the Myosotis dress and I started sewing the darts. So a few things happened but not much.

In between classes I have been mostly busy sewing samples for upcoming workshops, for instance masks and a dozen soft toys which was so much fun. I received a free pattern in my inbox and thought let me try one to check how difficult these adorable owls are and maybe the girls in my kids club can sew a few. I finished one and realised how little fabric it uses and how absolutely adorable it is. So I made a second one ... and then I got addicted and made 5 more. It was so much fun pairing a different fabrics that I decided to make this a workshop over Spring Break. So if your kid has attended the Kids Sewing Bee workshop before, or made similar projects, they can join this cute workshop and make an owl or two themselves.

I also added a lama and kitty cat for those that might be a bit more advanced. So the workshop is for confident and advanced beginners.

The next addiction was a pair of leggings. I have been thinking to run an Intro to Activewear workshop for a while. I tried out a pattern I had for a while. Oh wow, let me tell you - leggings are so much fun to wear. The first one I made in Sports-Jersey (or Activewear fabric) and already tested them the weekend after I had finished them. We went for a hike and they were lovely to wear. I found some Viscose Jersey in a Grey Leopard print I had in my stash for a while and thought this fabric would make a great pair of leggings - and they are! If I could, I would wear them everyDAY! They are so comfortable.

The next addiction has the masks and I decided to run a workshop to make your own. More details available here. All profits of this workshops are donated to charity. This month, we have donated to One Tree Planted. We planted 25 trees in Indonesia. Why Indonesia? When we lived in Malaysia, we could often see the deforestation due to the smoke travelling from the mainland to East Malaysia (Borneo). So it is of course, close to our hearts.

In March, I was a lot more productive about my own wardrobe. The dress and fabric I mentioned at the top of the page ... Rayon Crepe in Black with White Polka Dots and Myosotis Dress ... well, I managed that. I cut the fabric during one of our Late Night Sewing Sessions, along with another fabric also in Black. I thought I make two dresses in a similar colour, so I can keep the thread the same colour and complete every step twice. While it feels like it takes longer, it is actually quicker and by the end, you have two finished dresses.

Speaking of maximising time, over on Instagram I took my followers along a sewing journey completing steps within 30 minute intervals. This is great for those that don't have a lot of time to sew and also shows that you don't have to rush a project to finish it in one sitting.

Along the new workshop, I ask lovely Sarah, a yoga teacher, if she'd like to model the yoga pants (leggings) and made her a pair. So the course is now finalised and will be open for bookings soon.

PS: Sport-Jersey will be available soon.

In my mind and on my cutting table I have:

- I am looking to make a few more tops. I'd like to make another. Hoya Blouse in two lovely Rayon Crepes and also simple plain black and white t-shirts. I am thinking to hack the Lark Tee and Agnes Top together. I really like the neckline and bust area of the Agnes but prefer the loose-fit of the Lark Tee around my tummy.

- I finished cutting the corduroy for my anorak, still have the lining to go.

- More leggings would be nice too ... I have some black Viscose Jersey, another leopard print and another Sports-Jersey. I had ordered this fabric a few years ago in the ambition to make a swimsuit but have since changed my mind on the fabric. But I reckon I have enough for both ...

What have you been sewing the last two months? What are you sewing plans? Comment below.

Thanks for hanging out with me.

Happy Sewing,


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