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What to do with fabric scraps?

Updated: May 2, 2021

This week I have come across quite a few posts on social media about small sewing projects. And at the same time, the box in closet was haunting me.

The last time I sorted out fabric scraps, I donated the bigger pieces to a local organization called 'Rags to Riches' and I am afraid the smaller ones ended up in the trash.

The fabrics I use for the dresses, only very tiny pieces end up in the trash. The rest gets turned into hairbands, bows or scrunchies. Whenever I take an order, I ask the girls what they would like and add it complimentary to the dress order.

But with my private fabric collection, I need to improve. So I thought what you and I could do with all these fabric scraps:

  • Make hairbands, bows to glue on a clip and scrunchies

  • Make your own bias tape - this is always handy to have at home and much better than store bought

  • Make a scrap quilt with all your favourite fabrics (I really want to do this). if you don't need a quilt, you could make a quilted bag, pouch, pencil case or book cover.

  • Display scraps in picture frames or embroidery hoops as wall decorations in your sewing room

  • Use scraps as wrapping paper

  • Use it for inseam pockets or pocket lining to add a secret print or splash of colour

  • Make lavender bags for your wardrobe or as a gift - lavender repels moths and makes your cloths smell lovely

  • Fabric covered hangers which is also a great way to stop the dresses from sliding off the hangers

  • Make fabric toys for your pets: my cat loves lizards (she tends to bring them back into the house and recently I found a pattern to make her a little fabric lizard)

  • Cuffs for pyjamas

  • Suggested by a friend: Braided fabric storage bins

I had a scrunchie workshop for kids at the market couple of weeks ago. It was a lot of fun.

Here are the two ideas I found on facebook:

What are you doing with your fabric scraps?

Thanks for hanging out with me. Happy Sewing!

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