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Pattern Review: Fleece Jacket by Wardrobe by Me

Updated: Feb 29, 2020

The pattern comes as PDF only pattern from Wardrobe by Me. This is the first time I used a pattern from Wardrobe by Me. The Fleece Jacket for Men is a slim fitting jacket with contoured seams on both body and sleeve. The raglan sleeve is designed with a seam from the shoulder to the wrist. The Jacket has front pockets with invisible zippers set in the seams, as well as an inner pocket with a zipper.

I made the version with the collar and only the set in seam pockets. I used a black French Terry which has a soft fleece inside and is lovely to wear and sew. Just my iron didn't like it and I had to use a protective cloth so that the fabric doesn't turn shiny at seams. I also used one of the Kylie & the Machine labels.

The pattern comes in sizes 2XS to 3XL (chest 72cm to 114cm). I made size 2XL based on the finished garment measurements. If I would have chosen the size based on the chest circumference than his size wasn't on it. I think the sizing isn't quite true. When he buys ready-to-wear clothes he is a 2XL so the fact that he would be a 4XL or more started to worry me a little bit about this pattern.

I looked at other supplies I needed and ordered them straight online. Based on their website, it says I need a 26" separating zipper for 2XL, so I went ahead and order that from the UK - I live in Dubai if you didn't know. I then went ahead and bought the pattern, started cutting the fabric and doing all the prep. I read through the instruction before I started cutting and noticed that in the instruction booklet, it says 28" separating zipper for 2XL. Initially I thought it was my mistake but I compared both, website & instructions, and it is true the information are DIFFERENT! You can imagine how furious I was (am). I decided to see and make the shorter zipper work but it didn't look right. I did have a look locally but quality isn't normally great and also couldn't find the right length. So I had to order it again and had to put the project aside till the new zip arrived. Meanwhile the temperatures are picking up and I hope by the time I would finish the jacket, it won't be too late and warm.

When printing be careful to chose (deselect) the paper size you don't want. I didn't notice that you had to do this (having used mostly PDF patterns I never had to do this). I ended up with additional cutting lines and had to reprint it.

The sewing instructions are ok. Seam finish information are missing. I know with knit fabrics I don't have to finish the seams because the fabric doesn't fray but it would great to have the option and let the sewist know when is a good moment to finish the raw edges of the fabric to achieve a professional finish nonetheless. The level is 3 out of 4 and I fully agree with it.

When joining the side panel with the back piece, I noticed the seams didn't fit. The side panel is 2" shorter than the back. So I had to stretch the fabric a little while sewing and also top-stitched that seam for extra support.

Overall I had 1/8" missing on other seams too but got away with it when hemming later. Some notches didn't line up either. I also didn't like that the back raglan sleeve piece and the back piece don't have notches for lining up. Normally back pieces have double notches to identify easily this is the back.

I went onto Instagram for a little help but not many have used the pattern. I found two ladies and messaged with them for a bit. They encountered similar issues too, at least I wasn't alone.

i am very pleased with the invisible zippers on the side seams - at least from the outside. They are very invisible. On the inside, I didn't cut the interfacing piece marrow enough, so when the jacket is open the white interfacing can be seen at the side seam.

Once I had the right length zipper, it sewed in nicely. The instructions here are good but I reckon my knowledge of sewing zippers helped more. One front piece turned out about 1" longer than the other, despite the interfacing the fabric must have stretched. The instructions tell you to use 2" strip of interfacing, I only used 1" and pleased with my decision, otherwise the white interfacing would be visible if the jacket is open.

In the back, where the collar joins the back, I noticed a tiny hole where I didn't catch the collar with the overlocker. Since the temperatures started picking up, I now have 9-10 months to fix that.

Overall, I am pleased with the jacket from the outside but considering the inside and the hassle of the zipper information and some pieces not aligning, I wouldn't make this pattern again I am afraid.

The important thing, that Pete loves the jacket and is happy with it. He doesn't care about the inside anyway :)

Thanks for hanging out with me. I hope you get inspired to make something for your loved ones.

Happy Sewing!


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