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October & November: What have I been sewing?

Last month, we opened the new studio here in JLT and while the old home studio was packed up, I didn't sew much in October. I think I finished the Lois Dress in the Valentino Rayon but that's it. Since courses are back, my sew-jo has returned as well. The new space is so bright and gets you immediately into a flow of wanting to create something.

Like I mentioned, I sewed up another Lois Dress from Tessuti - my favourite pattern this year! The Valentino Rayon sewed up a dream. It has a great weight to it and isn't as flimsy as other rayons. I haven't taken a picture of it last month but recorded a little clip - from fabric to garment - on my Instagram.

The first garment I sewed in the new studio was a Scout Tee in Linen & Rayon Blend. The fabric was bought in Germany some time ago. The Scout has been a great little wardrobe staple. I love the loose fit and it works perfect with a pair of jeans.

For a new workshop, I sewed up another hoodie. The pattern is the same one that I used for my moms hoodie in July. This time I color-blocked the front, back and sleeves. It took a very long time to get all the pieces cut but sewing was fairly quick. I used the Brushed Back Sweatshirt in Plain Rose Pink and Roses print.

I haven't finished the cuffs yet because I am not sure if I want them in the same fabric (don't have enough without cutting more from the shop) or use actual ribbing which is hard to find the right shade of pink. But I cannot wait for the weather to cool and to sit in the garden and put my hoodie on - only Dubai people will understand 😉

I already sewed up some Christmas gifts which I can only share with you next month, two advent calendar for my nephews and a sample for the DIY scarf blog post.

Last week, I also sewed another pair of pants for me. I used the Black Viscose Linen and made another pair of Arden Pants from Helen's Closet. Great pattern, I wanna wear this pair every day! This time, I cut a size 14 for waist and legs, and graded to a 16 around the hip and they fit great. I had shortened the pattern before by 1 1/2" but reckon they cut be another 1 1/2" shorter.

Just before I started writing this blog post, I (finally!) finished the first pair of PJs (out of 4) for my husband. His old ones are falling apart - I had fixed them already a few times - and these older ones are some of the first garments I had made so they have a quite a few years of wear in them. I used the Thread Theory Eastwood PJ pattern in the Brushed Cotton House of Campbell. I am planning another pair (matching with me, he doesn't know that yet) in the Brushed Cotton House of Hay. Latter fabric is perfect for some Christmas PJs for the whole family.

In my mind and on my cutting table I have:

- finishing Christmas gifts

- another Myosotis Dress in the Dolce & Gabbana deadstock fabric

- more PJs

- a red dress for Christmas Day but haven't decided an a pattern or fabric yet

I have started making pattern adjustments for my anorak but noticed that I may have printed the wrong sleeve pieces. So I have to go back and check, before printing the pattern again.

What have you been sewing this month? What are you sewing plans? Comment below.

Thanks for hanging out with me.

Happy Sewing,


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