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July: What have I been sewing?

Updated: Dec 22, 2019

July is the month of separates. I really filled a need in my wardrobe with separates and tried to stay on the plain coloured side. I sewed myself 4 new pieces, one work-in-progress and 3 more cut out - there are 3 more days in July ;)

I started the month with a dive into trousers-making. This is something I wanted to tackle this year - but I did get distracted with loads of pretty dresses too. Sewing the bottom part of garments I find more difficult than the top part of my body. I guess I have more curves there and really want to get the fit spot on.

I sewed up the Free Range Slacks by Sew House 7. The pattern comes together fairly quickly. It doesn't have the usual front and back pieces per leg. The pattern has a side panel. I also added two ties into one of the seams to create a faux wrap look which I absolutely love and gives the plain black trousers a more interesting look. I used black Tencil Twill and it's lovely to wear. it creases quite quickly but same as Rayon, I don't mind this at all. I embrace these greases :D

Next up was my birthday dress. Of course it had to a dress. And I finally cut into this beautiful Rayon Challis from Blackbird Fabrics. I used the Charlie Caftan pattern - which soon you'll get in the online shop (hint hint) and this time I used the maxi length. I remember reading in magazines couple of years ago that short or petite ladies shouldn't wear maxi dresses ... oh I think they are wrong. I love this dress! It makes me feel like a Greek Goddess :D Joking aside, the pattern is very flattering on me, the empire-waist helps with that but also the side slits help not to drown into the amounts of fabrics.

Next up is the Sutton Blouse by True Bias in the same Tencil Twill fabric but blush pink. Really wasn't sure about the colour against my skin but I am enjoying it a lot - to be honest, I am wearing it right now. Both Tencil Twills I bought from Fabric Magpie and wanted to make a color-blocked jumpsuit. Since I wasn't a 100% sold on the whole jumpsuit idea, I changed my mind and made separates which I can wear together and thanks to my brilliant idea of the ties, it does look a bit like a jumpsuit ;) Pairing the Sutton Blouse with my Free Range Slacks is my favourite outfit of the month. Oh and by the way, the Sutton Blouse will be used in my new course - Intro to Drapey Fabrics.

I made another pair of Free Range Slacks, the second pair in striped Linen Rayon - available in the shop. And I can tell you - they are secret pyjamas. The fabric is less structured than the Tencil Twill and the fit is more relaxed. I made ties again but play around with the direction of the stripes. Picture will follow next month.

I also made another Silk Cami and adjusted the sleeves a bit, compared to my last version, but I am not a fan of it. The neck is too wide and it's too loose overall. The moment to unpack your shopping cart at the cashier, you have hold the top up so you don't show the world your girls & bra. Not a win this month. I am still looking for a simple to sew top which you can just throw on - no fastenings no fuzz. Comment below if you know one.

I did purchase the new pattern from Closet Case Patterns - and it might also be available online soon (another hint). And I just purchased the new top pattern from Helen's Closet. So I will give these two a try and report back.

I have a pair of Chi Town Chinos in progress, from leftover fabric of my dungarees. I wanted to practice the fit since my last pair are a bit loose around the crotch area - same as the dungarees.

I have also cut another Charlie Caftan for blog post for a fabric shop in the UK and another pair of culottes and Sutton Blouse in the same fabric to try the real faux jumpsuit look.

What have you been sewing this month?

Thanks for hanging out with me.

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