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Year in Review: #2017makenine round up

Updated: Jun 12, 2019

At the beginning of the year, I decided to join the Instagram challenge #2017makenine. The challenge was to commit to 9 patterns for 2017. Mid year, I decided to swap 3 of my choices as some of the initial picked patterns I didn't like anymore or I made one toile and it didn't suit me.

So how did I get on?

Betty Dress from Sew Over It

I made a total of 4 dresses from the Sew Over It pattern. And I love all of them, the work one I wear at least every other week. I will have to make some adjustment to my dresses & the pattern. During my recent online class, I learnt how to make an adjustment for a gaping back. I knew that something wasn't a 100% percent right but now I know how I can fix it to fit perfect to make even more Betty dresses.

Kelly Anorak from Close Case Patterns

Although I had two planned, I only managed one - my lovely burgundy twill version <3 I made it earlier in the year - you may read my pattern review how I got on.

Lark Tee from Grainline Studios

This was initially a t-shirt pattern from Burda but I made one version and the pattern was rather short & boxy. While Lark Tee has a bit more shape and comes in 4 different necklines & sleeves - so you have 16 different styles in ONE pattern - how amazing is that? I think I made 4 Lark Tee's: 3 versions with the short sleeve & boat neck and 1 with the round neck. All Tee's are in good rotation in my wardrobe :) My very first version, I use for yoga and the black & grey stripe I like to wear at work under my suit #businesscasual.

Shorts 6815 from Burda

Selfless sewing doesn't happen very often in my sewing room, I have to admit. I planned to make 4 in total but only managed 2. One is still cut out & ready to go but somehow other patterns & pretty fabrics keep interferring *oops* So for next year, I decided to participate in Allie J #menswearmakenine2018. Head over to her blog for full details & inspiration.

Chi Town Chino shorts from ...

Again, this is a mid-year pattern swap. I have sewn one only and the fit on my upper thighs is not yet perfect. So the 2nd one (which again is already cut out & ready to go) is a size smaller but also in a stretch jeans. I might have to alter the pattern further because at the moment the leg sticks out a little bit and doesn't lay smooth on my leg.

Twist Top from Burda

I managed to make two but only wear one often. The one I don't wear anymore is due to the fabric. It is a bit too drapey (Viscose Jersey) and I find it drapes unfaltering around my tummy. The one I wear often (pictured on the left here), I think I have stretched out the neckline or shoulder seam a bit and only feel comfortable when wearing a jacket on top. So my tip is to stabilize the shoulder seam (similar to the instructions for the Agnes Top by Tilly & the Buttons - my new favorite quick sew pattern).

Vintage Shirt Dress from Sew Over It

As part of the #sewtogetherforsummer challenge, I made the Vintage Shirtdress in a block-color style. The top is a white shirting cotton and the raspberry is an embrodered cotton lawn. I love wearing this dress out. It is fun, simple & faltering. I hoped I could make another one for the office with a traditional collar & a less-loud color but could not source the right fabric yet. I saw a Swiss Dot Navy on Sew Over it but unfortunately it is sold out.

The two patterns I didn't manage to sew were the Ellsworth Coat and the Morgan Boyfriend Jeans. For the coat, I will be looking for wool in Scotland. We will be in Edinburgh for New Years Eve. Any fabric shop recommendations are more than welcome. I hope I can manage the jeans for next year. I have the pattern & fabric, only need is time.

So I planned to make 9 patterns & garments at the start of the year, despite that I only managed 7 out of these I still end the year with 14 wearable garments out of this challenges. I think that is pretty good and it contributed to 70 or 80 percent handmade wardrobe.

How was your sewing year? I love to hear from you.

Thanks for hanging out with me.

Maria xxx

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