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A pre-set sewing class is not your thing? Have you been working on a pattern for quite a while now and stuck at a step? Bring it to our Freestyle Dressmaking sessions and get help.

Who is this workshop for?

This workshop is suitable for adults that need help with a particular skill or project of their own. Please note Freestyle Sewing & Dressmaking Sessions are not suitable for complete beginners – you will need to know how to use a machine as a minimum. Otherwise we recommend joining the Intro to Sewing workshop or Beginner Course. We like to keep workshop sizes small, giving you lots of one on one time and the opportunity to ask as many questions as you like. The maximum workshop size is 6.

What is included in the course? And what do I have to bring?

Since you will have to bring your own project, please make sure that you bring all required materials along. Happy to provide the sewing machine, overlocker, cutting table and any other sewing related tools. If you have a pattern in mind, we'd suggest to cut your pattern and perhaps fabric already, if you are familiar with cutting fabric. 

Alternatively, you can also choose some of our previous classes: Dressmaking 3, Dressmaking 4 or Intro to Drapey Fabrics.

Level: Confident and Advanced Beginner

  • can sew different seam allowances

  • understands backstitching at the start and end of seams

  • (not beginner friendly as in no-sewing knowledge)

Workshop Length: 2 hours

Price: AED 220 per person for a single session

ThreadWerk | bring your own sewing project

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