Replicate your existing clothes and make them over and over again.

What will you learn?

In the first session, we will learn to methods to replicate our clothes and make a pattern using one of these methods.

In the second session, we will start with the construction of your garment. Considering the complexity of the garment you bring, you might have to finish the project at home.

Who is this workshop for?

This workshop is suitable for adults who have good knowledge of sewing and has previously sewn simple garments, understands basic garment construction and is very confident with a sewing machine. I like to keep workshop sizes small, giving you lots of one on one time and the opportunity to ask as many questions as you like. The maximum workshop size is 6.

What is included in the course? And what do I have to bring?

Tracing paper is included in the course.

Please bring fabric. Type of fabric will depend on the existing garment. Check the label to identify fibre content and bring a fabric that has the same weight and drape. The amount of fabric will depend on the garment you bring. For instance, skirts might need 1 to 2.5m depending on the style. Also consider a cheaper fabric first for your first toile/muslin before cutting into your fashion fabric at home.

Take a look at the fabrics I carry. Did you know that course attendees get 20% for their fabrics? Message me for the discount code.

Level: Advanced

  • can thread a sewing machine

  • can sew different seam allowances

  • understands backstitching at the start and end of seams

  • Has made a range of sewn items similar to those in my Beginner Course and had a go at a skirt or simple dress before

  • Understands basic garment construction

  • If you have completed the Beginner Course and Dressmaking 1 or 2, you are an Advanced Beginner


Course Length: 2 sessions of 3 hours

Price: AED 600 per person

ThreadWerk | Learn top copy your existing clothes in Dubai