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Copy Cat Workshop


Learn to copy your existing clothes and make a pattern of your favourite garments to make over and over again! 

What will you learn?

In the first session, we will introduce the different methods of copying your clothes and start with tracing the pieces required.

In the second session, if tracing is not finished we will continue. We will match our curves and seams, add seam allowance and label our pieces. In case you might not be finished, you can complete the last steps at home.

You will go home with a pattern that is made from an existing garment that you brought with you.

Who is this workshop for?

This workshop is suitable for adults who have good knowledge of sewing and have previously attended the beginner course and Intro to Dressmaking or Dressmaking 1 (or made similar projects). 

What is included in the course? And what do I have to bring?

Please take note of the following tool list: tracing wheel, french curve, L-shaped ruler (if not available a quilting ruler will work too), tracing/pattern paper, pencil and eraser and a notebook. 


In regards to clothes to bring, please keep in mind that we are practicing the technique and don't want to bring a garment that is too complex. Here are a few suggestions:

For skirts: pencil skirts, a-line skirt. Regular or invisible zips are fine but no fly front (like jeans).

For tops & Dresses: blouses and dresses with sleeves, no gathers, pleats or tucks are ok. No evening wear. If you have advanced sewing experience, you bring an item with 1 to 2 pleats.

You may bring a t-shirt but we don't recommend this as the learning curve isn't as great as woven fabrics.

Feel free to bring 1-3 items to review. 

Please note that we will copy the size of the original garment. We will not have time to grade the pattern to a new size. If required, we can add another class.

Level: Intermediate 

  • have used a sewing machine before

  • can cut or pin fabric

  • can thread a sewing machine

  • can sew straight lines and follow different seam allowances

  • made projects such as pillow cases, tote bags and zipped pouches, and sewed a skirt and PJ bottoms for themselves or others

  • understands how to use a paper pattern

Course Length & Price: we recommend scheduling 3-4 hours. Currently this class is only available as a private class

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